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Stand Out as a Leader: Mastering Personal Branding

Why Personal Branding Matters

Are you ready to improve your personal brand? Let’s talk about personal branding and why it’s more than just self-promotion—it’s a key part of good leadership. The term "personal branding" comes up a lot in leadership circles and on social media where people share their achievements. But it's not just about showing off your successes; it’s about providing value to others and leaving a lasting impression.

Defining Your Personal Brand

Think of your personal brand as your trademark—something valuable that needs protection and constant care. It’s about leading by example, guiding others, and being someone people can trust. While this is a big responsibility, it’s also very rewarding.

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Do you want to take your personal brand to the next level? Let's discuss how you can define and shape your brand to become a more influential leader. Book...

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Finding Strength in Shared Struggles

Uncategorized Apr 10, 2024

Do you ever find yourself doubting your accomplishments, feeling like you're just waiting to be exposed as a fraud? You're not alone. Many people experience Imposter Syndrome, a phenomenon where individuals doubt their abilities despite evidence of success. But here's the thing – even the most iconic figures, like Maya Angelou, Michelle Obama, and Michaelangelo, have grappled with the same feelings.

Understanding Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is like a persistent whisper in your ear, undermining your achievements and making you feel like you don't belong. It can manifest as self-doubt, anxiety, and a fear of being exposed as incompetent. Despite external validation and recognition, individuals experiencing Imposter Syndrome often struggle to internalize their success.

Famous Faces, Shared Struggles

Maya Angelou, the legendary poet and civil rights activist, openly acknowledged her battles with Imposter Syndrome. Despite her numerous literary awards and global impact, she...

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How Succesful People Can Beat “Feeling Like a Fraud”

Do you ever feel like you're not good enough, despite evidence of your achievements? You're not alone. Imposter Syndrome is more common than you think, especially among those who excel in their fields. In this blog, we'll delve into why Imposter Syndrome isn't a sign of incompetence, but rather a phenomenon experienced by many high achievers.

What is Imposter Syndrome? Imposter Syndrome is a psychological pattern where individuals doubt their accomplishments and fear being exposed as a "fraud," despite evidence of success. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, and anxiety about their abilities.

Who experiences Imposter Syndrome? Contrary to popular belief, Imposter Syndrome isn't limited to those who are inexperienced or lacking in skills. It's quite common among high achievers, including entrepreneurs, executives, academics, and artists. Even individuals with impressive credentials and achievements can struggle with feelings of insecurity and self-doubt.

Why do high...

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Scrappy Leadership: The Path of the Resilient Leader

Leadership is not just about successes and achievements; it's also about how we handle failure and mistakes. In fact, resilience in leadership is often defined by how well we bounce back from setbacks and learn from our experiences. Let's delve into the crucial role of failure, mistakes, and resilience in shaping effective leadership.


Embracing Failure as a Learning Opportunity

Failure is not the opposite of success; it's a stepping stone to success. Leaders who embrace failure as a learning opportunity create an environment where risk-taking and innovation thrive. Instead of fearing failure, they see it as a chance to gather valuable insights, adjust strategies, and improve outcomes.


Learning from Mistakes and Taking Responsibility

Mistakes are inevitable, even for the most seasoned leaders. What sets resilient leaders apart is their ability to learn from mistakes and take responsibility for their actions. They acknowledge when things go wrong, analyze what went awry,...

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The Stolen Jewelry Box: Unexpected Lessons from a Loss

Uncategorized Mar 19, 2024

The weight of absence can be heavy, especially when it comes to something precious, something with memories and meaning. That's what I discovered when my jewelry box, once overflowing with family heirlooms, was stolen by a thief. The initial shock was a punch to the gut, a violation of my personal space, and a loss that went beyond the monetary value. But, as the dust settled, amidst the anger and sadness, some unexpected lessons emerged.

  1. The True Value Lies Within: It's easy to get caught up in the sparkle and shine, to equate a piece of jewelry with its price tag or its place on display. However, the theft forced me to confront the true value I placed on each item. The diamond necklace and earring set given to me by my husband held far more weight than its carat count, each sparkle a memory of his adoration and love for me. 
  2. Letting Go of Possessions, Embracing Experiences: The stolen box also served as a stark reminder that true wealth lies not in things, but in...
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The Resilience of Daffodils: Lessons for Life and Leadership

My favorite flowers are daffodils and tulips. I love the essence of what the daffodils bring every beginning of spring. Daffodils are a great resource for a leadership lesson in resilience. Let's take a look at how these amazing plants can teach us about life and leadership.


Being Brave Enough to Be Yourself

When daffodils first peek out of the ground, they are vulnerable to the forces of nature and animals. When we begin to show others our true selves, we also are vulnerable and it can feel terrifying. Watching the daffodils bloom yearly is a lesson in vulnerability and resilience. Don't be afraid to show the world who you actually are.

Staying Strong Through Tough Times

Even though daffodils look delicate, they're actually tough. They can handle all kinds of weather, from rain to wind to snow. When life throws challenges our way, we can be like daffodils and stay strong. With a little bit of resilience, we can get through anything!

Finding Strength Inside Yourself


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Special Announcement: Exciting News!

Uncategorized Jan 30, 2024

"I am excited to share that I will turn 60 on August 13, 2024. To celebrate this milestone, I am planning to complete 62 acts of kindness throughout the year. I would appreciate your help and encouragement with this as I am a subject matter expert in "imposter syndrome" and "putting myself out there."

Huge sidenote: Why today? I'm sharing this today to remember my late big brother, Nicolas "Jesse" Mancha, Today would have been his 62nd birthday, January 30, 2024. Jesse was a passionate cross-country runner, loved the water, and lived his life to the fullest. Although he has passed away, his spirit lives on in our family. I see it every time I have an interaction with any of them. It gives me such hope knowing he lives on in the lives of others.

This weekend, I will be participating in the Polar Plunge 2024 for Special Olympics located in Virginia Beach. Jesse would have loved this event and challenged me to be as audacious as possible. So, I will be dressing up as an Oompa Loompa...

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New Year, New You? Maybe Not. Here's Why.

Uncategorized Dec 26, 2023

As we usher in the year 2024, it's that time when many of us embark on the journey of setting goals, making resolutions, and striving for a "New Year, New Me!" I, like many of you, have always embraced the opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to transform myself. Perhaps you can relate to this sentiment as well.

Have you ever thought the following: This year, my primary focus is on achieving weight loss and undergoing a personal “transformation.” Setting clear goals and envisioning a new version of myself is at the forefront of my endeavors. I believe many of us have experienced the common struggle of walking into a room and subconsciously comparing ourselves to others. It's a challenge that resonates with so many.

As a Health and Wellness & ICF Executive coach, I have encountered my fair share of challenges, "body-shaming" and grappling with self-doubt. Having grown up in a Hispanic-Patriarchal environment, I am acutely aware of the impact of societal...

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Just Say No to Elf on The Shelf

Uncategorized Dec 10, 2023

I’m all about traditions, but from a parent with three adult children - my thoughts on “Elf on the Shelf.” If you really want to do it, great! Don’t we have enough holiday stressors? 

Holiday Edition of If you want to really show your IMPOSTER SYNDROME, just get an Elf on the Shelf. 


  1. Unrealistic Standards: The Elf on the Shelf tradition sets unrealistic standards for parents,  making them feel inadequate if they cannot live up to the perfect holiday displays portrayed on social media and in popular culture. Ask yourself: Is anyone really perfect? Nope. 


  1. Comparison and Self-Blame: parents may compare themselves to others who seem to effortlessly create elaborate Elf on the Shelf scenes, leading to feelings of guilt, self-blame, and a sense of not measuring up as a parent. Question: Have you compared & despaired? 


  1. Added Mental Load: The responsibility of planning and executing daily Elf on the Shelf...
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The Imposter's Gazette: Ignite your True Leadership Potential!

Hey there!


Are you thinking of unsubscribing? Hold on just a minute! I've gathered some amazing resources from my Imposter Camp Desk that you won't want to miss. Get ready for some "Holiday Musings!"


First up, let's talk about holiday reading. I've been diving into “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”  by Ramit Sethi. It's all about money psychology and how to shape your future financial goals. Ramit even has a journal called,I Will Teach You to Be Rich: The Journal: No Complicated Math. No More Procrastinating. Design Your Rich Life Today. Trust me, it's a game-changer! My husband and I journal and take it on vacation. 


Here's a fantastic podcast recommendation for all you leading ladies out there - Women at Work from Harvard Business Review. It's an absolute gem for women in leadership positions or those in the business world.


Looking for a motivational family movie to get you in the holiday spirit? I highly recommend A Million...

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