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Interested in more information? Let's do it. Schedule a discovery call - Free! 

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Interested in more information? Let's do it. Schedule a discovery call - Free! 


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Working with me is completely confidential and at your convenience. It’s completely up to you when and how often you would like to talk. I have an electronic calendar so there is no need to “call me.” All you have to do is click the “book me” request and schedule your appointment. Please download the most current version of “Zoom” and according to both our schedules.

One on One Confidential Life Coaching


Discovery Call - 45 minutes.

We will have a conversation via zoom, skype, or phone about what you are looking for and I will introduce you to what I do. At this time, we can discuss what is keeping you up at night, your hopes and dreams, and you can give this “life coach thing” a try-out. We will decide how to work together for future appointments.  All our conversations are completely confidential.

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"For years, I've been scared to want and to dream big things for myself. I saw my friends make moves and go for it and wanted to do the same...yet hesitated.

I talked to my good friend, Irene, about my disconnect between action and anxiousness and she recommended I talk to Donna Oard.

Donna immediately made time for me. She asked me precise questions, challenged me with thought provoking questions and stories, and gave me actionable steps to move my needle one degree forward.

The greatest gift she did was to allow me time and space to dream again. While I still have lots of work to do, spending time with Donna was a catalyst to my new season of dreaming big and working towards a greater vision.

If you're ready to level up and make your dreams a fulfilling reality, Donna is the coach you need to call." - Carrie R.