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Happy Summer! Sometimes, when I see someone’s ever-so perfectly curated-filtered Instagram posts and stories I am disheartened. Well, all the time if I am being honest. I want to tap on the glass and say, “will the real you please stand up?”  I wonder if they are depressed, insecure, or if they are aware of the “humblebrag” of the post. 

Does this post look familiar? Poor Danny Trejo! The post is not inspirational, instead, it becomes a “whoa! look at me!”  I look at the post, I think, “Is that for real? Or “what message are they trying to say?”  But then, clickbait happens. I hit the rest of the button, and see a perfect “Instagrid” with beautiful filters smiles, stars, duckfaces, skins, glows, and poses. I’m sucked in. 

100 years from now our great-great-grandchildren are going to find our pictures and posts. They will wonder why we have dog ears and mouths on all our...

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