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Fail Big Report

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2021

        It’s now mid-January and our world has been changing ever so fast. Or has it? There is a saying that if you want to go fast, you must go slow. (Slow down to go fast.) Yes, it is an ever-changing world we live in.

        I’ve been slowing down and giving a lot of thought and action around failing. Why fail? In my studies, there is a lot of data that our brains are designed to learn, even as we get older. We learn first by hearing, then deciding, and finally by doing. In order to “do,” we have to have a thought to try. Stay with me on this. Research shows that yes, our brains are designed to learn and grow very easily while we are young. It also is designed to keep learning as adults. If we would like to achieve anything and it seems impossible, well, it will be to us. (We decided it’s impossible.) We must decide to try. It’s like running a 5k. We would not expect someone who hasn’t learned how to walk to get up and run a 5k. Well, in the bible there is an example of Jesus healing a man and the guy gets up and goes. You can watch the video right here. The pool of Bethesda. I couldn’t find the actual video, but the cartoon works just as well. 

        Getting back to the example, we wouldn’t expect someone or a baby to run a 5k. They have to start by standing, then move towards walking. As the person keeps trying to stand, walk, and run, the brain is learning how to do it easier and easier. The same is true with any task. This is called brain plasticity. Our brains are truly ever-growing and learning. The statement, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is absolutely false. 

         This year my words are “Fail Big.” I’m really no stranger to failing. Because of this, I’m also no stranger to succeeding. As I learn to fail and fail big, I will also learn to conquer more things. I plan on doing this failing little by little, just 1% at a time. While I keep failing, I will keep growing. What would you like to “fail big” at? I can help you! Remember, anything you decide to do, you will learn along the way. This time next year there could be a completely unique person reading this email. :) 

Happy January! Let’s do this!

Donna Oard, Certified Life Coach


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