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Bernie's Mittens Weren't My Inauguration "Wow!"

Uncategorized Feb 22, 2021

        I’m still failing over here. (Fail Big! - #2021Word) How about you? Learning to fail is pretty scary and I’m putting myself out there by saying, I really have a lot of “scaredy-cat” in me I’m trying to shake off. Even admitting this is a lot to me, not everyone is fearless. 

        When I watched the Presidential inauguration, I noticed someone in the audience that really impressed me and got over his failure. Although I am very impressed with the Bush family, the Obamas, and the Clintons, someone else stood out to me I know has failed big. That person was Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod). I’m absolutely not a sport, baseball, or hobby horsing buff, but I know his story. I thought, wow, how must A-Rod be feeling right now? What an outstanding “comeback kid” story. I’m not even sure if he’s a democrat or a republican. On this day, he was a proud American. When I see A-Rod, I see the American story with its bumps, bruises, and beauty.

         At the top of his game, he was a success, then he fell from grace. He fell hard with a thud. After being suspended from baseball, he had a long while to sit and think about it all before his comeback. He had a real “come to Jesus” moment and pondered all that happened. Often, most people don’t want to have that moment for themselves, but he chose to be brave. I wondered if his family, friends, and associates whispered their disappointment, anger, shock and betrayal, behind his back or to his face. We all have been there (I think). I’ve been there with the person sitting across from you telling me what “everyone is saying” or better yet, smiling and talking about me under their breath at the same table. “Hey, I can hear you!” Sidenote: no one needs friends like that, go to another table. 

         Back to A-Rod. Alex has learned a lot of what failing is, what it means, and how to embrace it. Have you ever failed so hard it took the breath out of your lungs, either physically and emotionally? I have. Lots and lots of times. Sometimes someone was there to help me, and sometimes I was alone to figure it out. Each time I failed, I realized I had a decision. A decision to stay down and play the victim or a decision to get back up. I choose to get back up as Alex did. 

        He’s the perfect example of failing big and learning. He went back to baseball, finished his baseball career, became a very successful entrepreneur, landed a television show, and got engaged to J-Lo. FYI, J-Lo was his entry ticket to the inauguration! J-Lo could bring a guest to the inauguration, so he was her plus one. Women do run the world! :) 

        We are told to go out and try not to fail. Well, that really will not teach our brains anything. What it is teaching us is to be a “people pleaser.” Go out and try as hard as you can. If you fail, great! Your brain is learning. Eventually, it will be winning. That’s a glorious thing. Check out this video where A-Rod spoke about failing. Good stuff!

Alex Rodriguez speaks on failing


Until next time,

Donna Oard

ACC Certified Executive Life Coach

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